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going green with your kitchen floor brings benefits beyond making you feel good about your selection. durability is the biggest prize. think of homes with wood floors that may be nearing a century oldthis is sustainable thinking at its best because a long life expectancy born of durable materials means .

materials dependent on non-renewable fossil fuels. so when upgrading your flooring or finishing new space consider one of the following five alternatives: bamboo is the king of green building and design materials. though .

there are countless commercial flooring options available to fit your company's needs and aesthetics. however many portland and seattle area businesses have questions about which flooring materials have the least negative impact on our environment. in this blog post we'll outline some of the most .

material sent to landfill; further it uses dyeing methods that are less polluting and require less energy than other flooring. this flooring is sustainable when used alongside eco-friendly adhesive as some products may have toxic finishes added (stain/fireproofing) that are not considered .

this is particularly true when it comes to flooring. hardwood and carpet tend to get all the press but the truth is once you step out of the little ceramic tile box you will find a plethora of flooring materials that are both attractive and environmentally friendly. when choosing a new floor determine which option .

eco friendly flooring options: buyers guide to green flooring materials. conscientious consumers have several great choices for flooring that are eco-friendly green and the better choice for the future of our world. in this flooring guide we'll help you select the best green flooring option for your home and learn how you .

when used as the finish floor concrete containing high fly-ash content serves several as a multipurpose green flooring option. for one it saves the expense of installing another flooring material like wood or carpet. it also makes use of an industrial by-product a decided eco-friendly flooring advantage.

thinking about new flooring but don't know where to start? check out our suggestions for 5 super sustainable eco-friendly flooring materials for your home. i think we can all agree that less is more when it comes to post-consumer waste. and the types of materials we choose during our endeavors are .

flooring options that can minimize indoor pollution and mitigate health problems caused by toxic carpets. you can now choose from a rapidly growing line of carpets and flooring made from recycled and eco-friendly materials. durable stylish and often less expensive than conventional floors .

friendly flooring and tile for homeowners and design professionals alike. inspired by artistic palettes as well as objects found in nature our green flooring and tile collections emphasize single-ingredient materials whenever possible non-outgassing floors and artisanal crafted and one-of-a-kind tiles.

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eco friendly materials floor