treating lumber with antifreeze

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diy wood preservative ~ non toxic propylene glycol ~ for garden may 30 2012 you don't want to use pressure treated wood for garden ''the poisonous ingredients in antifreeze are: ethylene glycol methanol propylene

compatability - wood preservation rot repair and restoration using it's bad wood and it needs to be treated with cpes to SevenTrust it to useful strength. there are others who use antifreeze (also a glycol) to preserve wood.

chemo therapy for rot - dave carnell - simplicity boats i treated one with antifreeze and left one untreated. i was looking at wood stabilization not rot prevention. after about six months stored inside my shop the

borate-treating freshly sawn wood - woodweb jun 12 2006 i haven't used any wood treated with it but the company says it does not they use variously ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) propylene glycol

borax & antifreeze | sciencing apr 25 2017 treat dry rot in wood with a mixture of antifreeze and borax. antifreeze is a solution of water and ethylene glycol or propylene glycol which

anti freeze wood rot treatment discolouration - diy wood boat i am writing in reference to my wife ann marie's boat helios featured on this site. after reading the section on wood rot and its treatment the recommendation.

wood rot and dry rot homemade wood treatments wood rot and dry rot killing rot organisms and wood-destroying insects in infested wood with a homemade treatment. ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are clear liquids used in antifreeze and deicing solutions. exposure to large

home- made bora care & timbor - sawmill creek woodworking community (and illegal to sell lumber or furniture treated with the stuff without written disclosure.) . i do not recommend using antifreeze for glycols.

ethylene glycol (auto antifreeze) treated wood safey - the ethylene glycol or glycol readily available as permanent auto antifreeze is the most versatile and effective treating agent for stabilizing wood

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treating lumber with antifreeze