how to fix shock in composite deck

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decking questions. our product line contains endless possibilities from which products work best with others to how to clean them you'll find many answers here.

an electrostatic discharge (esd) on a person may range anywhere from a mild shock to a very painful shock. in the us heavy duty staticide® is used as a maintenance product for eliminating static from composite decking. this product is a non-toxic topical anti-stat that leaves behind a surface-active .

i have a new outdoor deck which is constructed of plastic composite planks . almost every time i walk around on the deck i will get a shock when i touch anything metal (door handle/metal cap on top of deck wall/bbq). i can't seem . when we walk on the deck in our socks.doesn't seem to be a problem.

composite decking it is recommended that you check with local building codes for any special . for illustration purposes only and are not meant or implied to replace a licensed professional. any . these areas be careful of using conducive objects such as metal railing and chairs as static shocks might.

problem with large elevated decks. when the humidity drops low as over the winter each board builds up a huge capacitive static charge because the boards are mounted on an insulating medium (pressure treated lumber) and they have no .

wearing shoes with memory foam on the inside; walking on a deck made from composite materials or the rubberized floor in a dance studio; having flannel sheets . when i walk across my rug and touch my laptop computer i sometimes do feel a static shock but my computer has never had a problem.

fixing instructions (shown below) the following notes highlight specific guidance from metsä wood: wood composite deck boards are subject to expansion and contraction when exposed to variations in temperature. to accommodate for this potential thermal movement: allow a 30mm .

in comparison a deck guaranteed to last 25 years (composite) or the potential to last 50 years (brazilian ipe) sounds great until the sticker shock hits . has done his share of deck maintenance over the years on the pine planks unequivocally says that when the time comes to replace the wood decks.

its one major problem is we do get static shocks at times from it. its not that big a deal but noticeable. this deck has a smooth surface and my son really loved it when he was young. on the negative side it gets really slippey with snow and ice on it. my smaller deck is a composite deck i think weatherbest.

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how to fix shock in composite deck