woodgrain spray paint for plastic

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instead of simply painting plastic brown and pretending it looks like wood, give it a true faux-wood finish using tinted glazes and paints.

i recently did a faux wood finish on some vac-formed grip covers for my grordbort raygun entry: it does take some practice, but the basic method is to paint your base coat (a lighter brown color) with a gloss enamel paint. once that dries, you have to make a glaze. in this case, i used a dark brown acrylic.

if you prefer to work with paints, paint the plastic in a light wood color that serves as the background shade beneath the grain. use a dedicated plastic paint; other types may not adhere. if you can't find the right paint shade, apply a plastic primer instead. then spray paint the piece the desired light brown shade. add color.

laminate is a man-made shiny, smooth, non-porous material that is like a 'print' or 'photo' of wood grain. manufacturers use . i use 150-220 grit sandpaper to sand the laminate because it's the best way to get the primer and paint to adhere properly. .. have you ever used spray paint on laminates? reply.

tutorial for painting plastic model parts to replicate the look of wood. . layering of products to trick the eye is important, along with the pre-conditioning of the plastic, which is the instilling of wood grain through a dulled edged tool, and the scruffing and de-glossing of the plastic finish via sandpaper or rasp.

simple faux wood technique for quick art journaling and sneak look at my current journal. this is my first tutorial & i rambled a little so skip straight to .

apply a water-based paint, such as true value easycare® ultra interior paint, with a quality paint brush. brush it on with even strokes in the direction of the wood grain. if you use true value spray paint, go slowly, holding the can about 12" from the furniture surface. when using spray paint, you should apply the.

though there is little you can do to completely remove the visibility of the wood grain beneath the paint, using a thinker primer called 'underbody' may help to reduce the grain but it may still be visible in some places. here's how you can do it (plastic/laminate paneling): if the paneling is plastic it is best to.

please note that this little tutorial/demo is in no way meant to be the definitive guide to woodgrain painting. it is merely an attempt to share what i managed to . i squeeze out a small amount of each of the oil paint colors onto a palette, which in my case is just scrap of aluminum foil placed on a plastic lid.

let me be the first to tell you this: with the right preparations, you can paint laminate furniture and it will look good. you just .. i think i'd go for sanding, since laminate is basically plastic, but i really don't know. .. i'm not sure stain would work because with laminate, there's no actual wood grain to stain.

for the rest of us… start by getting a product such as sem plastic prep. this will ensure that your primer will adhere to the plastic case. any auto body supply (and some auto parts and craft stores) will carry a plastic adhesion spray. note: plastic spray paint available in hardware/home stores is a gimmick that just doesn't do.

update wood surfaces with krylon spray paint. watch our how-to videos and learn how krylon spray paint can transform wood surfaces.

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woodgrain spray paint for plastic