what lumber to use for patio cover

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24 oct 2017 . for this reason, if used for structural elements or where a painted or stained finish will cover the wood's natural beauty, redwood and cedar can push the cost unnecessarily high, depending upon the grades you choose. many landscape professionals specify douglas fir and the other structural woods for.

31 mar 2013 . unless you paint or use an exterior finish as rockin' suggests, and keep it well maintained, using doug fir on an exterior is not recommended. while all woods have some degree of natural disease resistance.doug fir is pretty low on the scale. for exposed wood, even painted, we recommend one of the.

if you love spending time outdoors in your yard then a wood patio cover may be the answer to extending the usefulness and comfort of your outdoor living space. while a patio umbrella or other non-permanent patio covering may be adequate for casual outdoor use, if you really want to spend time on your.

selecting lumber and lumber substitutes for . - anr cataloglumber or any removal of soil surrounding cca-treated lumber [us epa 2002]. alternative products have always been available for many exterior applications, but growing consumer interest in lower-maintenance products, combined with a cer- tain degree of concern over the use of old-growth redwood, has increased the.

patio cover plans provides information on how to build a patio cover or deck cover. . roofing nails should not show through the bottom of the roof decking; use 4 x 8 x 5/8" t 111 4" o.c. plywood roof decking (for a plank-like visual appearance); 6x6 posts . i attached the t 111 decking with 1 1/2 galvanized wood screws.

we are master purveyors of fine patio cover kits, custom made to your specs. . sail shades are suspended via tension—customers must use rope to suspend the shade between fixed poles or structures. however, they also . both types of patio covers are made of fabric—usually a vinyl or other weatherproof artificial fiber.

you'll be able to enjoy your backyard while protecting yourself from the sun when you learn how to build a diy covered patio in this detailed tutorial. . another consideration for this project was the type of wood to use. after comparing the cost and aesthetics of cedar vs fir, cost over ruled looks for us and at.

if it's in contact with or partly buried in soil, and isn't adjacent to food plants, go with pt; it'll probaly last several times as long. if it's above grade and will dry out berween rainstorms, cedar will probably do just fine. note that these days there are other alternatives too -- some of the tropical hardwoods are.

in today's blog post, amber (parr lumber albany manager) will briefly cover the different types of wood for garden construction. . cedar makes great raised garden beds, but if you were to use them for a deck, fence or patio you should use treated lumber at the base to give your projects a longer life.

patio cover - oregon.govall wood in contact with the ground, embedded in concrete in direct contact with the ground or embedded in concrete exposed to the weather that supports permanent structures shall be approved pressure preservative treated wood suitable for ground contact use. knee brace shall be connected to the beam and the column.

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what lumber to use for patio cover