what to do with an unused pool deck

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converted inground pool to 2 level deck. my husband and i designed and built this deck in a week. good use for old unused pools. i have never seen this done so i figured i would share our design.

browse 282 photos of inground pool deck.in-deck pool. this 10- by 25-foot pool is mostly aboveground but has the look of an inground pool thanks to the sleek deck surround. tell us: please share .. make sure you can see the pool from your house either from surveillance cameras a window or a presence detector.

prescott member jeffrey soltis estimates that he spent more than $1000 a year on a pool he never used during the cooler months at his winter home in goodyear. “it's warmer there but you can't swim during that time” he says. faced with ongoing maintenance costs he searched for a better option which .

image courtesy of deckover pool retirement. a deck conversion like this one from deckover pool retirement is one method for reclaiming backyard space when retiring an unwanted swimming pool. an inground pool can be a fabulous centerpiece of backyard living but there are situations in which having this recreational .

help me! i just bought a great house in pittsburgh's greenfield area. it's gorgeous—stained glass windows hardwood floors unique built in shelves— but whoever used to live there had an above ground pool at some point and left the deck after getting rid of the pool! i'd hate to tear it down and throw .

with a swimming pool deckover you can utilize all of that valuable space in your backyard that's currently being consumed by the pool any way you want to! a deckover is the process of placing composite decking over an existing swimming pool giving you usable living space while protecting your pool until the time comes .

a simple but elegant solution for an unwanted pool? drain it and build a deck over the top. work with a landscape pro to design a deck that blends perfectly with the original pool's shape and structure. not only will it add valuable entertaining square footage to the backyard but it'll also boost your home's .

there are several steps you can take to prepare and protect your swimming pool during hurricane season. before the storm. afternoon thunderstorms tropical storms and hurricanes can drop a lot of water onto your pool deck and out to your yard. the first step is to make sure as much water as possible drains from the deck .

16 oct 2009 . if your pool has outlived its usefulness and it would cost more to repair than you can afford you can cover it. building a deck over a pool presents a challenge similar to any.

is intended to summarize the requirements for swimming pools currently found in the uniform. code. please note that .. in the case of an above-ground pool the pool structure itself can serve as a part of the required barrier .. pool deck drainsdischarge to the building drainage system the discharge must be through an .

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what to do with an unused pool deck